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Womens Auxiliary

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After the fire company was organized in 1946 several of the fireman's wives, along with their small children, would prepare coffee and sandwiches when there was a fire or any disaster.


Talk of forming the Women's Auxiliary lead to setting up the Steering Committee and writing of the by-laws.


We had several meetings over several weeks with Chief and Deputy Chief Platt, Sr. After the completion of the by-laws, we sent for our charter. We were issued our charter October 6, 1955. The steering committee consisted of Blanche Jencks, Mary Fraser, Aluna St. Martin, Ann Bellefleur, Pauline (Platt) Fraser, and Dorothy Smallridge. When it started, there were 29 charter members. They held meetings once a month on Mondays. Blanche Jencks was the first President. They all worked together on having suppers, craft shows, and dances to help make money for the firehouse.


The first bingo was started by the Women's Auxiliary. The free gifts received were from several popular clubs they ran and were donated for prizes. John “Jack” Platt, Sr. called the first bingo. Shortly after, the men took over running the bingo and buying the prizes. This one is 1966, at which time they started giving money prizes. The women continued to help at the old firehouse. The auxiliary would clean the bathrooms, dust, and whatever had to be done on Friday before bingo. For a time, the kindergarten was held at the firehouse. Volunteers, both firemen and auxiliary women, would break the tables down on Friday and then set them back up again on Sunday night.


While the firemen were building the first firehouse after does three bay garages, the wives would bring food and drinks to the firemen while they were working. After they received their uniforms, the women marched in competition in several parades.


The Women’s Auxiliary ran the Canteen while the fireman ran bingo. Once bingo was discontinued, the Auxiliary ceased operations in 2008. Over the years the women donated much money which was used to purchase emergency equipment for the fireman.

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