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Who We Are

We are your neighbors.

We are Emergency Medical Technicians, Medical Response Technicians, Fire Police, Firefighters, Engineers, Instructors, and apparatus drivers.

We range in age from 16 years to 65 plus.

We are women and men.

We are volunteers!


Join the Mohegan Team!

Proud tradition of being on of the first companies to have the "Jaws of Life" and mobile cascade system.

Help your neighbors and community in the time of need.

Learn new skills useful in all areas of life.

Receive training and equipment provided by the department.


Learn to work as a team to protect lives and property. Participate in department training and state certified programs. Duties include the suppression of all types of fires including structure, brush, and vehicles, extrication of victims at fire and car accidents, water rescues, hazmat incidents, and assist with medicals and provide mutual aid to surrounding towns.

Medical | Ambulance

Train and learn pre-hospital assessment and treatment to stabilize patients and prevent further injury. Also, learn the skills necessary to report accurately and provide rapid transport. Training is provided for Certified EMT's (Emergency Medical Technicians) and First Responders (Medical Response Technicians).


Fire Police

The Fire Police protects the members of the department and community at all types of calls. With additional training, Mohegan Fire Police provide services in traffic control and are eligible to join town and regional associations.


~ Must be at least 16 years of age

~ Complete 1 year of department probation

~ Complete Department Training

~ Live in or adjacent to the Mohegan Fire Company response district

~ Be physically able to perform tasks in a hazardous environment

(Department will supply OSHA medical exam)

~ Be able to attend entry-level and ongoing training

~ Pass a Department interview and background process

~ Be a team player

~ Be available to respond to emergency calls

Additional Training:

After completing your training you may take additional training in items like:

Firefighter 2, Hazmat training, Technical Rescue, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and many others.

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