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The original content contained within these web pages is the intellectual property of the Mohegan Fire Company. None of the information contained within is designed to be used as formal advice or treatment for any condition, and most of it can be found on the internet using search engines. Any information contained on our site is to be used as a guide only, collected en masse for the sole purpose of convenience, and does not replace any official information contained in product manuals, from medical doctors, or any other official publications.

The photos contained on our site are for informational purposes only, and may not be used, copied, reproduced, or otherwise disseminated without the express consent of the Mohegan Fire Company. While internet search sites may provide direct links to our photos, we retain all rights to their use.

We occasionally post photos of incidents we respond to. We do this in order to provide a record of our responses, and demonstrate our activities. Some of these photos may contain sensitive subject matter, and viewer discretion is advised. We will comply to the fullest extent of applicable local, state, and federal laws regarding what subject matter is displayed in photographs, and what information is written as descriptions regarding those photos. Any individual or agency requesting additional information needs to do so in written form. If you are involved in any incident that is displayed on our website, and request any changes to information that is displayed up to and including removal from our site, please contact the webmaster. We will attempt to work with you but please understand that it may take some time to do so.

We provide links to websites that are created by other persons or organizations. The Mohegan Fire Company is in no way responsible for information contained on those sites. Unless otherwise stated, we do not have any professional connection with any of those sites, and inclusion of their link on our site is for informational purposes only.

Material contained on our page is subject to change without notice. If you notice an error or omission please contact the webmaster and describe this error in detail.

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