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Mohegan Firehouse 1948-1966 001.jpg

Firehouse 1948 - 1966

1946 saw many changes beginning with the war ending and troops coming home. America's population grew with the “baby boom”. Suburban development grew in many areas of the country as more housing was necessary for new young families. A section of the Town of Montville known as Mohegan Meadows, or simply Mohegan, was included.


Previous fire protection since 1927 was provided by Montville Fire Co. No. 1 with assistance from neighboring Norwich. As response to fires emergencies needed to have more timely response, a few local men organized a volunteer fire company and had it chartered by the State of Connecticut. Hugo Fitzpatrick became its first Chief.


Mohegan Fire Company had a modest beginning. Early meetings were held at the Mohegan Congregational Church. Since there was no town funding available for the first five years, the sole apparatus consisted of a 1931 Chevrolet pickup truck donated by a member. It was housed in a privately owned garage behind gas station.


Homer Fraser succeeded as second Chief of the fire company where he served for 25 years. The founding members of the fire company instilled both dedication and perseverance which allowed for the company to continuously grow in membership resources. A 1921 open cab Maxim was the first real engine of the new fire company. Members undertook expanding the apparatus quarters and then on land provided by a member, erected the first true fire station and later added a meeting hall. Ambulance service was started in 1952 with a used Packard from the US Navy.


The Women's Auxiliary was formed in 1955 and continued to support the fire company until 2006 when it disbanded due to declining membership.


When the State of Connecticut acquired possession of their property for highway construction, Mohegan Fire Company relocated to its present site on the corner of Rt. 32 and Occum Lane in 1966. Two additions, a recreation room with bunkroom completed in 1978, and additional apparatus bays completed in 1985, comprise the current quarters.


The company was supported by the community it served through a variety of fundraising activities, primarily bingo, as well as public dinners, car washes, and door to door solicitations. 1996 saw a variety of changes not only in fighting, community as well. As a result of declining volunteer base, Mohegan Junior Auxiliary was established with approximately ten young members to help bolster future membership needs. It also saw the retirement of Chief John “Jack” Platt, Jr. who served as the fourth Chief for twenty years. Who took the reins following the passing of his father, Chief John “Jack” Platt, Sr. who served as the third Chief.


Chief Robert “Bob” DeGaetano succeeded as the fifth Chief establishing compliance with the new NFPA and OSHA requirements which the fire services observe as significant changes with regards to new safety, health, and training.


1996 also brought significant changes to the local community development with the opening of the Mohegan Sun Casino and the surrounding Rt. 32 corridor. An increase in emergencies in the Town of Montville both in fire and EMS services brought new challenges to the Mohegan Fire Company resulting in a dwindling volunteer base requiring an increase of assistance from the town’s paid firefighting staff in all four fire stations; and prompting the Town of Montville to establish a volunteer firefighting retention program.


The fire company saw slow membership growth; and with the increase in call volume, the need came to also update apparatus and equipment to stay current with newer demands.


In 2004, Steven Socha stepped in as sixth Chief od Mohegan Fire Company and continued the transitioning of the NFPA and OSHA requirements. He also continued upgrades in gear, apparatus, and communications.


With more equipment and apparatus, members recognized the need for more space; therefore, leading to the construction of the back building which upon completion gave the fire company a necessary required wash bay, additional apparatus bays as well as storage space.


Joseph Giangrasso took leadership as the seventh Chief in 2010 and continued to move the fire company forward. Significant projects under his guidance were accomplished with the design and construction of the new roof on the main building and expanded the concept of the Platt Family Memorial Garden in which deceased fire company in women's auxiliary members are permanently remembered.


In 2018, Corey Gaetano became the eighth Chief of Mohegan Fire Company. Presently, under his direction, membership is beginning to see growth once more and interest has been brought back by older members getting new training and retraining to become active once more.


Now in 2021, as we celebrate our anniversary an after observing monumental changes in our community as well as throughout the world, we once more dedicate ourselves to continue our 75 years of Community Service long into the future.

MFCO Original Firehouse 1966 - Present_e

Firehouse 1966 - Present

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